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Two new technological revolutions in the press shop

my country's traditional manufacturing industry is undergoing structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and high-end, precision, automation and intelligence have become a new trend in the development of the manufacturing industry. In order to adapt to the precision stamping of large panels and improve the production quality and efficiency of the stamping production line, the automotive stamping workshop usually introduces advanced technology suitable for its own production. Today we will talk about the advanced technology that has been popular in major automotive stamping shops recently!

Should CNC machining choose down milling or up milling?

The cutting edge of the milling cutter is subjected to an impact load every time it cuts. In order to successfully mill, you must consider the correct contact mode between the cutting edge and the material when cutting in and cutting out. In the milling process, the workpiece is fed in the same or opposite direction as the rotation direction of the milling cutter, which will affect the cutting in and out of milling, and whether to use down milling or up milling.

There are two possibilities for CNC machine tools in industrial tablet computers?

CNC machining is one of the important processes in modern manufacturing. This new type of machining technology can realize automatic, high-precision, and high-efficiency device processing through mechanical programming. Therefore, it can be widely used in various automated production. Workshop, manufacturing plant.

Connecting plate stamping process and die design

Mold is the basic process equipment in industrial production, a high-value-added, high-tech-intensive product, and an important field of high-tech industry. The level of its technical level has become an important indicator of a country's manufacturing level. With the continuous development of the national economy and industrial product technology, the demand for molds in all walks of life is increasing, and the technical requirements are getting higher and higher.

Introduce what is a cnc machine tool

A CNC machine tool can be called a computer numerical control machine tool, which is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system. The machine tool can be used in many places by controlling the code or the program of other instructions, so that the machine tool for automatic processing of parts and equipment with an extra bed can be used in many places, such as automobiles, aerospace, military industry, etc. are indispensable. Compared with ordinary machine tools, it also has some incomparable advantages. The processing accuracy is higher, multi-coordinate linkage can be realized, the processed parts are more complex and changeable, the processing efficiency is high, and the CNC program can be changed, the processing accuracy is high, and the productivity is high. , Automated operation saves labor costs, but the requirements for operators are also higher!
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